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The "CJ" is our best-selling crankbait. Its wide, hard wobble and strong hunting action is a
great choice to get those finicky fish to bite.
It comes with a square bill circuit board lip to alleviate breaking and maximize deflection effects.

Length: 2.5 Inches

Depth: 3-4 Feet

Weight: Approximately 3/8 ounce

Freud's Fishing Company Crankbaits are individually hand-made.
The intricate process starts with hand selected balsa wood that is carved and sanded to
the desired crankbait shape. The crankbait balsa body is the sealed twice to ensure a proper water tight coating.
From there, each body is primed and painted by airbrush.
Once dry, the lure is fully assembled and six coats of clear-coat are added to create a smooth,
clear, and durable finish. The entire process takes nearly 20 days from start to finish.